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'Hello, and welcome to my experimental project 'Just Reinvent Yourself'. It is my first attempt to link up many exciting projects under one roof.
At this stage in our evolution, we are rapidly becoming the new versions of ourselves. All the events around the world are just the last dance of evil nonsense that has been controlling us for so long. There is nothing to fear. It is simply time for us all to take control back. 

I am a musician, and emotions that arise in me experiencing these changes always are expressed in my songs. Now I am ready to take it further and act on them with a practical approach.

Currently, there are a few exciting projects with 'Just Reinvent Yourself. 
I feel like we all are thirsty for change, and I will do my best to serve you as a middle man.'

'Good music, healthy food and drinks, an opportunity to express, physical exercise, connection to our land, and a loving community centered around individual purification are building blocks to create the world we are longing for. Not all of us can start our own farm or live by the beach in a tropical country.
'Just Reinvent Yourself' is taking charge in an urban city. We are in Manchester UK, and all our projects are local. But we are here to help and link up dreamers in any part of the world. Wherever you are please let us know, and we will try to help.'

Taurud / 2021 / Manchester.

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'Just Reinvent Yourself' is a community project. 

It all began from that inner knowing that it is time to gather people around and do what is necessary to reclaim our power. 

Being a human is an incredible experience. We are going through a process after which everything will be different. We are upgrading and changing. Every day we heal and purify. Of course, there are those who are yet to realize that it is happening, and then there are those who have been aware for some time.
'Just Reinvent Yourself' is built around individual purification and re-establishing our source connection. The aim is to create a local community and help each other through this process. There is a need for real action in order for us to sustain our life here on earth, and we can never go back to how things were. If anyone is still longing for 'the old normal'  please know that we will not return to those expired ways of living.

We must reinvent ourselves. New Earth is governed by different power. We will once again take care of our land and will organize according to nature and the environment. We will know who we really are and what this reality actually is. New, higher vibrations are coming in, and our bodies will carry more knowledge and ability. The future will blow your mind. Humans will expand their potential through upgrades and purification via our source connection. It is better than we can imagine despite what it looks like right now.

All around the world change is so much needed. That is why we are starting right now. The long-term goal is to make self-sustainable off-grid camps, but there are steps that we need to take in order for that to happen. 

First - it starts with individual purification, and within ​the 'Just Reinvent Yourself' circle that will always be the focal point.

And then we have to follow that inertia. 

'Just Reinvent Yourself' will also serve as a place for inspiration, free expression, and a creative hub. Music and art are undividable from a healthy community.

We all have creative power but often forget to use it. My aim is to encourage and bring the best out of all of us. 

And we will talk. That is why the 'Just Reinvent Yourself' Podcast is on the way. We will interview those who can help us along the way to our re-dreamed life. Teachers, activists, artists - you name it. Perhaps it will be You. 

Please check out the blog, and leave a comment. Let me know if you have some cool ideas you believe need to be shared. 

There will be a merchandise store, and every purchase will help us on our journey.


And lastly, we offer digital marketing services for those businesses and individuals whose vision aligns with ours. It is a paid service and our way to expand the project. 

So, if you feel like this is for you - do not hesitate to get in touch. Check out individual project pages, send a message, and get involved. If you are a musician or artist and would like us to share your creations on the site let us know. We Want to Hear from You. Never forget that we love You. 'Just Reinvent Yourself' serves You.

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